World of Warcraft and It’s Economy

World of Warcraft, an online roleplaying game by Blizzard, has now become a sensation around the world. There are Latin American, European, and Arabic version now available as well to the standard US version that has become the #1 Online Game and Online Economy.

How does it work?

World of Warcraft is a diverse game as there is no end to playing. Most people have the goal to create several level 80’s, the highest level until the next expanison. However, many people often like to play Battlegrounds and PVP which is the Alliance against the Horde.

Additonally, you can raid opposing the opposing Alliance or Horde Cities. However, there is also an economic side to this game.

The World of Warcraft Economy
To world of warcraft Economy revolves around Capitalism and many other factors.
The main one is Supply and Demand continues to reign among the players as there is a limited supply for certain items and a high demand for them as well. Similarly, there is a standard currency at work. Think of it as the dollar bill, there are copper, silver, and gold; symbolizing the dollar, the twenty, and the 100 dollar bill.

Additionally, There are item quality controls that distinguish the different Items you may collect throughout the game:
Gray – Useless
White – Somewhat useful
Green – Common
Blue – Rare
Purple – Epic

What does the Economy allow you to do?

Inside the game there are certain things you can buy with money: skills, Items, Equipment, Mounts, Health, and potions

However, many people often struggle to be able to have enough money in Buy wow gold  the World of Warcraft game to be able to buy all the things they hoped to buy in the beginning.

This has led to the Black Market in the World of Warcraft.

Blizzard, the maker of World of Warcraft has outlawed the act of people buying Gold through companies. However, people still do this due to the frustration of not being able to have enough money to buy the things they want.

This has led to many companies such as and to take advantage of their inability to get enough money.

Is there a solution or a way to make more money?

Yes there is. There are many guides that allow many people to make massive amounts of money. They could make enough gold they can even sell gold to these companies for a profit.


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