Wire Racks Are Great For All Kinds of Displays

No matter what kind of retail business you operate, you need wire display racks. Wire racks are so versatile, they can be used to display virtually anything, and can often be easily moved around your store. Whether you own a liquor store, grocery store, video store, hemp oil for dogs reviews dollar store, clothing store, convenience store, gift shop, or amusement park, wire display racks are a great investment and a versatile retail feature.

Candy. Wire racks are so versatile, and come in so many sizes that you can display walls full of candy, racks with wicker baskets full of taffy or other sweets, or offer a countertop display for those check-out impulse buys. It’s a perfect way to display inexpensive treats such as candy bars, gummi candy, saltwater taffy, chocolates or mints.

Reading and Writing Material. A wire rack is ideal for displaying a variety of local, national and international newspapers. You can fill the lower shelves or racks with comic books, and the upper ones with novels or best-sellers for adults. Wire racks also make a great place to stack notebooks and stationery, and to hang pens, pencils, and markers.

Tourist Merchandise. If your establishment caters to the seasonal tourist crowd, you’ll need a versatile place to display merchandise geared toward them. Wire racks can display brochures featuring local points of interest, postcards and stamps, and maps of the area. They might even enjoy a t-shirt or pennant with the logo of your local sports team.

Clothing. Sweaters or t-shirts look great when they’re neatly folded and resting on a wire display rack. They can be displayed with matching jeans, slacks, or shorts to make an appealing whole-outfit presentation. You can also hang belts, jewelry or socks from a wire rack, and adjust them easily depending on what you decide to display there.

Food and Drinks. How can anyone resist fresh baked goods or boxes of fried chicken displayed just so on a wire display rack? You might consider offering homemade cookies, cakes, or pies, canned or boxed beverages, wines, snacks, chips, or crisp, fresh fruits or vegetables.

That’s 5 broad categories, but there are many more-this list doesn’t begin to exhaust the possibilities these versatile wire racks can offer. Wire racks are so versatile that as retail fixtures, they can do practically anything you need them to do. They’re usually sold at reasonable prices, and will be one of the best investments you ever make for your retail business.

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