What to Expect With a Reliable Plumbing Service

If you require the services of a plumber, then it is highly likely that you will be in a hurry. A burst pipe or leaking toilet isn’t something that can wait and needs immediate assistance. Plumbers take on several different responsibilities, such as those related to assembling, repairing and installing pipe systems and plumbing fittings (toilets, sinks and bathtubs). Unfortunately, not all plumbers are reliable or offer a professional service which a property owner might well expect. Due to this, there are certain points that need to be considered, rather than to call the first name found in the yellow pages or online. Here are some simple steps to follow to help find the right plumber –

Online Reputation – If searching for local services using the popular search-engines, a well-established and reliable plumber should have a good number of positive reviews or testimonials next to their name. Reviews are written by prior customers, often featuring a mix of positive and negative comments, so it is just a case of scanning through the list of plumbers to find those with the most favorable comments. From there compile a short-list of the companies you wish to call. You could also look at such sites as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if they hold a positive rating there.

Free Quotation – Once a plumber is called out and turns up at your door step, you should expect him to clearly explain what the problem might be with the plumbing and what work and parts might be necessary to complete the repair. A professional plumber should also provide an accurate price quote ahead of starting the work.

Licensed – A reliable and trustworthy plumber should have completed the necessary formal training and education to be able to complete the wide-range of plumbing jobs that might be expected. A certified plumber should also hold the right type of liability insurance to ensure you are not held responsible if something should go wrong in your property. Besides, holding the right insurance Sammamish plumbers requirements, it will also benefit you if the plumber is a member of certain trade affiliations or organizations, as this also helps to confirm the quality of a plumber’s workmanship. You can easily find this type of information by asking the plumber in person or by checking the company’s online website.

Appointments – You also want to use a plumbing company that is very flexible in their approach to working hours. If a serious leak occurs and immediate action is required, you might want to find a local plumber offering a 24/7 service, with a guarantee to arrive at your door within 1-hour or less. However, if the work isn’t such an emergency, it would be best to book an appointment during normal working hours as this would likely result in a much cheaper rate.

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