Trucking Industry Case Study – Automated Truck Wash Low Cost High Volume Fleet Programs

There are some who don’t like the idea of a fully automated truck wash because they would rather have their truck hand washed. For instance, those folks that own their own rig are worried about the brushes, and the mechanism perhaps hurting their paint job, or ripping off various custom hardware pieces on their trucks. Still, an automated truck cleaning and washing system saves so much money in labor, that the pricing cost is reduced to the point at which even a fanatical truck driver owner operator might partake in the services. Okay so, let’s talk about this for a moment – and discuss the low cost high quantity volume fleet washing advantages.

You see, as I was saying even though most truck drivers, especially independent truck drivers with very nice trucks don’t like automated systems, and would prefer a hand wash, there is also a big issue with cost. Giving volume discounts to companies with fleets, especially fleet management purchasing those local fleets in your area solves a cost cutting problem that they have, and must deal with. Most drivers do not want to drive a dirty truck, and there is generally a shortage of good drivers.

In fact, there was an interesting article recently in the Journal of Commerce on March 9, 2012 entitled; “Trucking Hiring Rose 3.7 Percent in February,” by William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor, which stated;

“For-hire motor carriers added more than 10,000 jobs last month, BLS data shows the trucking industry increased hiring 3.7 percent year-over-year in February, a slower pace than in January. Trucking employers increased hiring 4.1 percent in January from a year ago, and 3.7 percent year-over-year in December, according to seasonally adjusted data. The jobless rate remained constant at 8.3 percent in February, with about 12.8 million persons unemployed, the Labor Department agency said Friday.”

Okay so, what does this mean for the trucking industry? It means labor shortages are coming, and moving along very quickly, therefore the companies have to keep the drivers happy, and they have their name on the side and a reputation and brand to protect. They have to have these vehicles cleaned, but everyone is pinching pennies, due to increasing costs.

The increased costs are across-the-board; ObamaCare, insurance, DOT fees, fuel costs, truck replacement costs, and maintenance costs. Any time you can save them money, you will find more companies migrating because your business model is more efficient and less costly. Luckily to a truck wash the more volume you do, the economies of scale also reduce your cost per truck washed, thus, by succeeding in business and going for high-volume fleet business it’s a win-win situation.

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