The Limitations of the LED Industry Will Be Removed Next Year

The emergence of the LED backlight monitor and television not only injects the new blood to the growing panel industry, but also becomes the important pillar of the LED industry. Experts hold the optimistic attitude about the LED backlight development, but they also point out that there are also many limitations and unfavorable factors existed on the development, such as the high price, material shortage, backlight design and the cost of panel. It is predicated that the shipment permeability of LED backlight can reach 14.2%, while the shipment permeability of LED can reach 18.1% in the year of 2010.

The insufficient supply of MO source and sapphire substrates and the great demand of the LED make the chips of LED inadequate. Therefore, the price of LED chips pub tv has been very high for a long period of time. The declined quotation of the backlight source is at five percent to ten percent. The light ratio of the light source takes forty percent of the entire cost. Therefore, the reduction of light resource cost will be difficult. The problem of light guide plate is still very serious. Apart from some large scale manufacturers, many corporations have not found the solution. The light guide plate shortage can not meet the great demand and it also influence the price.

The price of LED monitor and television will be still high this year, therefore, the price will not decline so much at the end of this year. The LCD television is popular currently. The main aim of the customers is to replace the old one by the LCD television, so the desire of purchasing the appliance is not strong enough. Customers will stop buying the television if the price is not competitive enough, therefore, the sales will influence by the price.

The above limitations, such as the price, design, cost and supply, will be removed within one year. Apart from the supply of light guide plate, there is no obvious obstacle of the LED development. It is predicated that, the shipment permeability of LED backlight can reach 44.8%, while the shipment permeability of LED can reach 38.2% in the next year. The related integrated circuit is.

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