Starting a Club? Avoid the Common Traps and Do it Right First Time

You’re really eager to start your own club. You think you’ve got a winning idea, but you’re not quite sure how to pull it off. Getting things right first time is important. There are some key things that you should remember when starting up a club.

Enlist some Help. One of the traps is to try to do everything involved in setting up and running the club yourself. Put simply, this won’t work. There’s too much to do for that. Even if you were independently wealthy and had all the time in the world to spend on setting up your club, a well-run club is usually such because there are a number of different people involved all with different ideas and input. If you try to do it all on your own, you’ll burn yourself out, and fast. Instead of falling into this trap, make sure that you get other people interested in helping you to run the club. This will share the workload around and ensure that you have Vclubshop lots of people generating ideas for how the club can best operate. This approach is a recipe for success.

What is your USP? Your club needs a unique selling point-if you try to start up a hiking club but there are already five in the local area, what will make people want to join your particular club? You need to make your club just that little bit different so that people understand why they should choose your club. In the case of the hiking club, you might decide to have your club focus on hiking for beginners, or hiking for people who only want to do day hikes, or a women’s hiking club. Whatever it is, you have to have that something that is a little bit different to attract people along.

Who are your Members? A big trap that club entrepreneurs often fall into is Vclubshop that of not understanding their membership. People will lose interest in clubs very quickly if their needs are not being met. This is a really easy trap to not fall into, with a little effort. You can ask people up front on their membership application form exactly what they are looking for from the club, and you can also get feedback on different events that you hold. By remaining close to your membership, you’ll continue to keep them happy and they’ll stay with your club for years.

Funding? Not having sufficient funds to run the club can be a problem that some fledgling clubs fall into. This is easy to rectify by holding a couple of fundraisers before you even get started. With some money in the bank, you’ll have the cash to pay for materials and equipment and get yourself off the ground.

Cast the Net. Finally, many clubs don’t attract the right people along because they don’t advertise widely enough. You need to cast your net far and wide to draw in a large Vclubshop number of interested people. Of those who read your ad and are interested, only a certain percentage of them will actually respond to it. So you need to ensure that everyone who may possibly want to come to your club gets to see one of your ads. Plaster them everywhere that you think you will find members.

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