Special Parking Spots for Pregnant Employees

She tells a tale about being pregnant as a company executive, and realizing they had prohibited for “special” and close-up parking spots for pregnant employees.

What an interesting topic! I certainly do not think that pregnancy is a handicap or illness. Expectant mothers should not be treated like they are ill because pregnancy is a healthy state or stage of life to be in. Many people lead sedentary lives these days and expectant mothers should be encouraged to go for walks and stay physically active during pregnancy to ensure they are in optimum health. So, maybe having special parking spots towards the entrance is not a good idea because it does not encourage walking.

But, then i got thinking that I certainly do appreciate the parking spots that are earmarked in some department or markets for expectant mothers and young families. I really hate having to park way in the rear of the lot when it’s really busy and carry my small baby and get my very energetic toddler by the hand (b/c he wants to get away and come to an end into oncoming parking lot traffic! ). Whether it’s pouring down rain, it’s even worse. There is myself Prestige Park Grove shopping at places with nearer parking spots earmarked for expectant mothers and young families, and I’m not a sedentary person, but shopping can be stressful at times with two little ones. However, this example was about a parking spot at a workplace, so a person less likely to end up carting around all the family when you go there!

The next train of thought I had on this issue was perhaps it’s not about being active and able versus. ill and impaired. Perhaps the issue is about respect? Do we assume CEOs, doctors, or Executive Owners etc. necessarily have a handicap and that’s why they cannot walk from anywhere in the parking lot like all of those other company or hospital employees? No, these are special and valuable people that are guaranteed special parking spots to characterize their important status to all of those other company. Similarly, haven’t you pointed out that people are very, comfortable to clearly expectant mothers? When you’re pregnant, people open doors for you, they stand up and let you have their seat if the bus is full, they want to carry your shopping bags, you get smiled at more often by guests, etc. I know enjoyed being treated with extra care and respect while pregnant. Why not have special parking spots to mark how valuable expectant mothers are to us? Some women might discover it offensive because they are perfectly able to carry their own shopping bags, or open the entranceway for themselves etc. I think it’s up to the individual though. If you don’t like being treated like you’re different because you’re pregnant, you can not allow these well mannered motions or choose to park at the end of the parking lot.

My opinion on it is, if you’re treated special, enjoy it! When else in life do we as women get to enjoy the protection under the law granted to the persons of highest status in society? Unless you’re a millionaire or someone with a very high status job, most likely not often. The purpose of earning a living for gender equality is not necessarily to ensure that everyone is treated exactly the same. It’s to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, and sometimes that means treating people like they are the same, and sometimes that means treating people like they are exceptional.

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