My Dead Dog Talks To Me: Our Conversations

If you have ever lost a pet, you know it can be hard; no matter how many times it has happened in your life.

And if you have had that pet [or those pets] talk to you – you are not crazy – you are in good company.

It’s like Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, which is a Mexican tradition that occurs on November 2nd. It’s a day for to remember friends and family who have died. A difference is that your pets come back because they remember you!

Not all pets come back to tell you anything specific in words – some only come back to visit and look around.

There are instances of dead cats sleeping in a spot on the floor and the humans and other pets all walking around that spot. Is the cat there? It seems so.

I had a long tearful chat with my dog the day before he died telling him how hard it is for me to euthanize pets and that even though living wills are available for people, I had no idea what he wanted.

I told him that if it was time for him to die, I could accept that and if he needed me to make that decision, as hard as it would be, I could do that too – as not having him be in pain as he was fading was more important than my own feelings.

I know he understood what I said – his eyes told me that clearly –  free hospice care los angeles  and he died peacefully in his sleep that evening – secure that it was okay to do so. And not forcing me to make a difficult decision.

How do I know what he understood? Because that’s the first thing he told me when he came back to visit. He sat in one of his two favorite spots and watched me doing something in the kitchen. He was bright eyed and happy to be here and he told me I made the right decision to do at-home doggy hospice care and to give him permission to go.

Another time he told me he was fine where he was and that again he was so glad I had adopted him from the shelter he was in because he loved that we drove across the country and moved to Portland.

One other time he was at the gate when I came home but he left quickly as I opened the gate and it came close to bumping him.

Are these figments of my imagination? I don’t think so – but it really does not matter.

What matters is that my dog feels free enough to come visit and chat with me and that makes me feel good!


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