How to Prevent and Handle Temper Tantrums

This article illustrates ways for adults to change their own behaviors, in order to prevent and appropriately respond to temper tantrums. In my experience, adults who have or work with children with behavior challenges are often surprised to hear that they have to change their own behaviors or change the environment to meet the needs of the child. As a behavior consultant, I have often heard “Why should I have to change? He is the one acting out.” or “It is too much work to make these changes.” In actuality, the adult does not have to make any changes in their own behavior or the environment, but then it is very unlikely that the child’s behavior will change. If you are ready to make changes to meet the needs of your child or students, keep reading.

Additionally, this article is also meant to help educators and parents. Although much of the language is geared towards parents, the strategies presented here are meant for school as well Life Story App
. As you read through the examples below, think of how you can apply the strategies to students in your classroom.

Keep in mind that behavioral strategies, such as the ones in this article, do not always lead to immediate change in child behavior. Your child may be surprised by the new strategies you are using and behaviors could get more challenging at first. You need to try strategies consistently over a period of time to see their true effect on behavior.

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