Differences Between Keyboard and Piano

Digitale piano - MAX KB6 keyboard piano met o.a. 88 aanslaggevoelige  toetsen,... | bol.comThroughout the world there are millions of people who want to learn how to play a musical instrument; in fact, it is probably the most popular aspiration that anyone can have when it comes to improving their life. While there are many different instruments to choose from, one thing that many people NAKED Link struggle with is deciding whether to play the piano or the keyboard – a decision that is full of different aspects that will influence the overall outcome. Whatever the choice turns out to be though, those that learn to play the piano or the keyboard will find that it is a decision that they never regret. So what are the main differences between these two highly popular musical instruments? Read on to find out…

The first difference is rather obvious, and that is in the size of the instruments. While this might be an obvious point, it does mean that people have to think long and hard regarding whether they have enough space in their home for a piano, as if they don’t then learning the keyboard is the only real option. A piano takes up much more rooms than the actual size of it, as space needs to also be cleared for the stool and for the person to sit, while a keyboard can be stored away when it is not being used. This is the main reason why people choose to learn the keyboard instead of learning how to master the piano.

Due to this difference in size – and the amount of technical knowledge that goes into construction – a piano is also a lot more expensive than even the most advanced keyboard. This means that many peoples’ decision regarding whether to master keyboard or piano is often dictated to them by the amount of money that they have available. For those that are desperate to find the best way to learn piano cheaply though, there are a number of second hand instruments always up for sale – just as long as there is enough room in the home for them! Even when buying second hand though, a piano will still cost considerably more than a keyboard.

One aspect that definitely favors the keyboard is the fact that it is far more versatile than the piano, as it has a huge amount of different sounds that it can play. It can mimic most other instruments perfectly – including the piano – as well as produce a number of other sounds that enhance a piece of music. Due to the fact that a keyboard can sound like a piano, many people like to take this instrument up first, before then moving on to learning easy piano songs and then making the switch to play solely the piano. This is a technique that allows people to learn piano fast, without the initial expense of buying one of these huge instruments.

Many people like to play on their own instrument and not have to play on other peoples’ – something that often has to be done when learning the piano. This is obviously because the piano isn’t portable so – unless one has piano lessons at home – they have to use their tutor’s instrument instead. This is not the case with the keyboard though, as it can be carried around anywhere. One way to get over this hurdle and always use the same piano is to take online piano lessons, which allow people to learn to play piano from the comfort of their own home. Those who learn to play piano online often find themselves progressing much faster than others and also don’t have to pay huge amounts for beginner piano lessons or for pianobooks, as all of the music needed is provided on a learn how to play piano DVD or a learn how to play piano video.

It must also not be neglected that the keyboard is an instrument that is far friendlier to those that live in the neighborhood – especially if the person learning wants to play during the night. This is because a keyboard will always have an option to use headphones – therefore meaning that the rest of the neighborhood can sleep while the person who wants to learn to play the keyboard practices to their heart’s content. Pianos obviously don’t have this feature, as they are not electric and therefore have nowhere to plug a set of headphones into!

Another major difference between the keyboard and the piano is the way in which the notes are played and the sound that is exuded when different pressures are placed on the keys. With the piano, the volume of the note – and therefore the overall mood of the music – can be altered simply through changing the pressure exerted, which obviously makes the piano an exceptionally versatile instrument. Keyboards don’t have this ability though – although some of the more modern and more expensive ones are able to alter the volume of note to a small extent.

The final difference between the two instruments is the quality of sound that they emit, with the piano usually considered to be hugely superior in this area. In fact, the piano can fill a whole hall with its melodic tones, while a keyboard often needs to be amplified. This means that those who want to make beautiful music often prefer to use pianos over keyboards and therefore begin to learn the piano straight away.

As can be seen, there are a number of differences between these two musical instruments, but one thing remains common between them – the fact that learning to play either one will be a hugely satisfying experience for anyone. It is possible to learn keyboard online, as well as learn the piano in the same way, which is often the best way to go about taking one’s first steps into the learning of these musical instruments.

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