Creating Cute Nick Names For Girls to Keep Them Attracted to You

As a child you likely inherited call girls in lahore a nickname or two. An example might be a dad calling his son Slugger or his daughter Princess. Let’s say your name hypothetically is John and you were called Johnny. Your name remained Johnny as long as you went along with the flow of life. However, when you messed up or brought home a less than perfect grade you suddenly became John Martin Smith the third. If you’ll think about how you felt when called a nickname such as honey, slugger or by the name of your favorite super hero you soon realize the underlying power of a nickname.

Likewise, how did you feel when the school bully called you a nickname? People do not use nicknames when they are angry or disenchanted with someone unless it is a derogatory slam.. A nickname is an expression of caring and acceptance in a positive light and of ridicule and hatred in a negative light. A nickname sets the recipient of the calling apart from the rest of the world and places them on a pedestal of special importance or on the ground in derogatory humiliation. Nicknames are powerful!

How do you keep a girl attracted to you with a nickname?

Keeping a girl attracted to you by using a nickname is allowing the recipient to reciprocate the feeling of acceptance and adoration. By creating cute nicknames for a girl(s) you have taken possession of them through acceptance making them feel special exclusively by you. Each time you use a nick name or a group of nicknames for a girl you are expressing you care for them and they are special to you.

A word of caution: If you have multiple relationships active at the same time, either choose a generic group of nicknames that have not been over used or a set of nicknames that could only relate to each girl as an individual. You’ve heard the horror stories about guys in the sack and mistakenly calling the wrong girl by the wrong name or the right girl by wrong name. The bottom line is it happens, especially when your mind is compromised by the heat of the moment.

How do you create a nickname?

A nickname can be a general name you use to convey affection or a set of nicknames each used to convey different atmospheres. Honey, Babe, Sweetie (a tad overused) or Lovie would be examples of generic use nicknames. Lips, Hot Twat, Bazooka or Candy Girl are names that might be used to express something intimate in a joking way but should not be used in an actual sexual encounter. Nicknames can also express a special quality about the girl you adore. Some nicknames will sensually accent erotica. As long as you use nicknames to express adoration you’ll keep them attracted to you.


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